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POPcycles Sarasota, the coolest bike shop in Florida. If you were looking for a bicycle shop with no attitude you've found it ! POPcycles is the bike shop for all of us casual lifestyle bicycle riders . We love beach cruisers, upright trail bikes and sporty stylish sport bikes. Our store is packed full of stylish hip, fun bikes and accessories, INCLUDING Bosch & Hydrive Powered Electra Townie GO, Currie Drive powered Raleigh and iZip eBikes. PLUS we provide the absolute best bicycle service and repair on almost all brands and bike types.

We are Sarasota - Manatee County's #1 Electra bike dealer, we are the largest Raleigh bicycle dealer including electric e-Bikes from Electra and Raleigh iZip. Looking for a fun bike ? Come see us !

What kind of bikes do you rent?

We rent regular bikes NOT eBikes, 3 wheelers or Recumbants.

POPcycles only rents the best and expertly maintained bikes! We rent Electra and Raleigh hybrids (not eBikes) offering step through and step over bicycles.  You're on vacation soaking up the sun, shopping, enjoying Sarasota's best dining so yeah... you need a bike with some personality and loads comfort.  All of our bikes are at least 7 speeds and all have hand brakes.  We have limited availability on road bikes, so please contact for more information.

 (As a side note, we also sell the Electra and Raleigh brand... We wouldn't rent a bike or accessory that we wouldn't sell.  We stand behind what we rent and sell.)

FAQ's for Bike Rentals

May 1st through November 1st - Please call ahead and make a reservation to ensure that we have the availability and correct size in stock !

Where are you located ?

We are conveniently located less than 5 minutes off the interstate 75, just off of Clark Road.  We're nestled in beautiful Palmer Ranch in the Publix's Northridge Plaza. Popcycles is about 2 miles from the Legacy Trail and 5 miles from Siesta Key Beach.

Where do I park ?

You may park free of charge in the store parking lot.  There's plenty of
parking.  It's easy...park, pick up your bike ride 2 miles to the Legacy

What is the cost to rent a bike?

Daily rentals are $30 (9am to 4:45pm M to F, Sat 3:45pm)

2 day rental $50

3 day rental $65

4 day rental $75

5 day rental $80

6 day rental $85

1 week rental $90

2 week rental $150

3 week rental $225

4 week rental $275

How long can I rent a bicycle for?

A 4 week rental term is the maximum time that a bike can be rented unless otherwise agreed upon.

Do you provide your customers with a helmet, lock, bag?

Yes, we provide all the bells and whistles (yes, each bike has a bell for safety and courtesy)  All bikes have a front handlebar bag to carry your small belongings and a combination lock provided to you.  All of our bikes feature puncture resistant tires to lesson the possibility of flats. We offer high visability Trek helmets at no additional cost.  The helmets are comfortable and adjustable, but feel free to bring your own helmet.  You have to stay hydrated here in Florida, so all our rental bikes come with water bottle holders. To show you that we care, we include a cold bottle of water with each rental.

What do I need to rent a bike?

A valid picture ID, such as valid passport or driver's license and a credit card are necessary for your rental. We do not take “pre-paid” cards in lieu of a credit card for deposit requirements. A copy of a credit card will be kept on file until the rental is returned. We will not rent a bike to anyone without a valid ID and credit card, no exceptions. All participants must read and sign the Rental Agreement before the bike
rental is released.

How old does the person have to be in order to rent a bicycle?

18 or older. If the rider is younger than 18, the rider must have a parent or a legal guardian present. Minors are allowed to ride our rental bikes but they must be able to fit the rental bikes properly.  Generally kids over 12 will fit a full size bike. An adult 18 or older must give permission for the minor to ride by signing the, “Release, Waiver, and Liability Agreement”. This is standard paperwork that is filled out by everyone of our riders.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Debit and Cash.

Do you take reservations?

We operate on a first come, first served basis. The best time to pick up your rental is first thing in the morning after your coffee.  Feel free to call us first to check inventory.

May 1st through November 1st - Please call ahead and make a reservation to ensure that we have the availability and correct size in stock

Do you deliver?

Sorry not at this time.

Do you offer car racks to transport bikes?

Sorry we do not rent car racks.

What happens if I return the bicycle late?

Late returns are subject to additional charges and late fees.

What happens if something becomes damaged during my rental period?

Please inform us right away if something is damaged or not working properly. You should return the bicycle to the store. We will replace your bicycle with a new one if the bike cannot be quickly repaired and extend your rental period.

What else should I bring with me?
It's a good idea to bring extra water and snacks (you have room in your basket), sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.  Don't forget your camera to capture all your sunshine memories. 

What should I wear?
Wear your comfy, casual clothes and closed toed shoes are recommended because sandals pose a chance of injury.  Spandex and padded racing gear are discouraged. 

What are the helmet laws in Florida?
According to Florida law, a bicycle rider under the age of 16 is required to wear a helmet.

Do I need to clean the bicycle before I return it?

Nope, please don't clean the bike. We expect you to have fun and everyday wear and tear is normal. However, there will be a $35 cleaning fee to your account for bikes that require special cleaning due to misuse, such as riding in excessive mud and/or decorations.

What are the rules of the road?

Participants must comply with all traffic laws and ride with caution and consideration. Rental bicycles should not be ridden in the dark.  They are not equipped with special lighting to ride at night. 

Just like driving a car, there's zero tolerance for drinking and riding or impairment of any kind including drugs.  DUI laws apply to automobiles also apply to bicycles.  Please never drink and drive/ride. If you're thinking about drinking and riding, we don't like you and won't rent you a bike.

Do I need to be in good shape to rent a bike?

Participants must be in good health, be able to operate, control and balance the equipment at the time of rental. Weight limit is 250 lbs.  Please consult your physician, we're not doctors.

Where can I park if I decide to ride from the Popcycle's store?

There's plenty of parking in front of the store.