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POPcycles Sarasota, the coolest bike shop in Florida. If you were looking for a bicycle shop with no attitude you've found it ! POPcycles is the bike shop for all of us casual lifestyle bicycle riders . We love beach cruisers, upright trail bikes and sporty stylish sport bikes. Our store is packed full of stylish hip, fun bikes and accessories, INCLUDING Bosch & Hydrive Powered Electra Townie GO, Currie Drive powered Raleigh and iZip eBikes. PLUS we provide the absolute best bicycle service and repair on almost all brands and bike types.

We are Sarasota - Manatee County's #1 Electra bike dealer, we are the largest Raleigh bicycle dealer including electric e-Bikes from Electra and Raleigh iZip. Looking for a fun bike ? Come see us !

A bike shop should be fun

Hey there...get the Facts. Instead of boring you with paragraphs of cliché sayings about how we've loved bikes since the day we emerged from our mother's womb or how we get fancied up in skin tight race gear every weekend to race bikes...YAWN. No thanks!

Our style of bicycle riding is not like other types of riding. We're not trying to win races or make record time blasting through trees down a mountain. Our riding is different. Here's comes the BOMBSHELL...We're recreational riders (like 90% of all the bicycle riders out there, but most just don't know it yet).  We're all about the ride, the fun, the style and the comfort! We've ridden on the Pacific Coast Highway in Cali overlooking the Ocean, along the sandy beaches of Florida's Suncoast and biking adventures along wooded nature trails up north.

Don't be intimidated.  We don't expect you to know anything about bikes other than they have wheels.  It's our job to ask you the right questions and answer any questions you may have for us. We're laid back we won't pressure you to buy a bike just because you walked through our door. We make a bike shop fun again.

Please note, POPcycles does not sell any childrens bicycles, our smallest bike wheel size is 24”, we DO NOT sell or service 3 wheel or recumbant bikes of any type. POPcycles also does not purchase used or new bicycles from individuals, and we DO NOT sell used bicycles.